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Miss Jennifer & Miss Cayla’s 4 Day Pre-K Class

We learned about the true meaning of Easter and got a visit from some little chicks and a big bunny.


We had so much fun learning about insects, the life cycle of butterflies, and worms.


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Miss Debra’s Bible Buddies

2017 LL Spring Program-2594

In March we worked hard to get ready for our Spring Program.  We had a blast performing for parents and grandparents!  Thank you all for coming to see us!  We loved getting a chance to tell you about the Fruit of the Spirit and about God’s love. 


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Miss Katelynn & Miss Marivic’s Threes Class

Hey parents!  The month of March has flown by. This month we learned how to mix colors to make purple, the color of the month. We even made our own purple salt dough. 

We have also been practicing identifying our letters by solving puzzles and playing the “Alphabet Stomp” flash card game. This past week was all about the letter “z” so we made zebras, mini books about the letter z, and we even practiced writing “z.”   

The fruit of the spirit for March was gentleness. We talked about what it means to be gentle and how to be gentle to others.


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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/TH Two Year Olds

P1040384We were so happy to see one another after our Spring Break!


The Fruit of the Spirit for April is Joy. Our students always show a lot of joy when they are together. They have become good friends. During April, we will be reviewing our shapes and colors. Our shape for April is Oval, and the Color is Blue.


One of our favorite times of the day is when we go to Sontown. It is so much fun to run and climb!



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Miss Emily’s Spanish Class


We just finished learning all  of our colors in Spanish. Using the hands on my wall they can say each color in Spanish.                                                                                                                                  

Before spring break we started to learn about the body. We sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes. This song is super fast! I am pretty sure this is a favorite. They know head (cabeza), eyes (ojos), and mouth (boca).

In these next few weeks we will start talking about food. We will learn the names of foods we like to eat. It should be fun!


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Miss Rachael & Miss Vikki’s Pre-K Class

IMG_4069 (003)

Our class had fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Our students worked really hard on their ‘Cat in the Hat’ bulletin board utilizing their listening, coloring, and cutting skills.  They are really proud of the display.  Each day we read books by Dr. Seuss.  We also utilized manipulatives regarding graphing goldfish, sorting by color, and patterns for our ‘One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish’ book.  It’s a great way to implement literacy in learning.

IMG_4050 (003)


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Miss Marivic & Miss Christina’s W/F Threes

The boys and girls did such a great job in our Spring Program.  We all enjoyed their presentation, and we are so proud of them! We made colorful flowers using our handprints and footprints and placed their pictures at the center of the flowers. We displayed them for all to see in the bulletin area during the Spring Program.

We read a book about St. Patrick’s day and made four-leaf clovers  using crumpled crepe paper. Our class is excited to be back together after our Spring Break! For this month we are learning about the letters I, K and Z. We are working hard tracing the letters.  We can’t wait for our upcoming Teddy Bear clinic. The students will bring their favorite stuffed animals and will get a chance to tour inside an ambulance!




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Miss Tracy & Miss Martha’s Toddler Class

We are so excited to be back from spring break. We have been able to soak in some days of outdoor play. Our class loves playing with bubbles, paint and sorting. We really love bubbles!



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Miss Bev & Miss Wilma’s W/F Two Year Olds

We are learning about transportation during the first part of March in the Wednesday/Friday two year old class. We talked about things that fly and things that go in the water. Friday we welcomed a new student to our class. Everyone was excited to play with our new friend. We had fun painting boats with her. 

Next week we will talk about things that go on the land. After that we will learn about God making our world.  We have been busy practicing for our Spring program and look forward to singing for our families. 


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Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class

The weather has been so nice.   We were able to be outside a couple of weeks ago. They were so excited!
The beautiful spring-type weather brings a lot of wiggles, so we play pretty hard in creative movement. One game we played was the animal game. I laid out different kinds of animals around the gym. I would call out one animal at a time & then I counted to five. They would have to run to that animal.

The 4 day pre-k will be doing our freeze dance song at our spring program. They love doing this action song. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


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