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Miss Shantel & Miss Martha’s Toddler Class


September has just flown by and our Tuesday/Thursday Toddler class has adjusted well. They are now fast friends and have displayed the fruit of the spirit of Kindness well this month by sharing their toys, and taking turns.

color red2.jpg

This month was a blast as we tested out water boats, learned all about the color red by painting, sorting and seeking. Also visiting the BIG FIRE TRUCK was a big hit!!! We learned about circles and just how many things we love that are shaped like circles. 


Next we are going to investigate the bumpy texture, and orange color of pumpkins. Did you know pumpkins are a fruit? Who knew?



Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | October 19, 2016

Miss Pam’s T/Th Three’s Class


October is flying by quickly!  We have painted faces on our pumpkins. Marble painting our hand-shaped leaves was a lot of fun. To emphasize the letter X we made our own X-ray using Q-tips. We can’t wait to show you!  


Using Psalm 56:3, we are learning to trust in God even when we are afraid.  The Fruit of the Spirit for October is Patience. We are learning how to be patient, making good choices and having good results!




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Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class

In October our students have already done so many fun things! Every week they work hard on new motor skills. One of their favorite activities is walking across the balance beam.  Once they finish on the balance beam they get to choose to be an animal and then they crawl around and make animal noises. I get to hear something interesting noises when they are crawling around. They also love to run, jump and skip.


 This last week we played basketball and  rode around on the scooters (they get to lay on their stomachs as they roll around!). This was definitely a favorite for them. Getting the parachute out & making balls shake around always provides lots of laughter. The balls go everywhere! At this point they all have a smile on their face which makes me happy! We are having a great time together!


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Miss Marivic & Miss Pam’s W/F Three’s Class

All our children are getting to know each other really well. Every morning one of them acts as a greeter for the class. They ask the others how they would like to be greeted, and it is fun to watch them giving high fives, handshakes, hugs and smiles to each other.


Last week we learned about the letter X. We had an arts and crafts project where we made our own hand x-rays using Q-tips. It was really fun!



We have a hand puppet we call Mr. Alligator. We always look forward to singing-along with him. Also, we love to give Mr. Alligator a hug. All of our children are learning and progressing well. We are very proud of them.

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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/Th Two’s Class

The Tuesday-Thursday Two-year-old class is excited about all of the fun things that are happening during this month! We are learning about our community helpers.


Pretending to be doctors and  taking care of our babies are some of the favorite ways for our twos to play. The Raytown firemen are here this week to visit us in their fire truck and talk to us about fire safety.

 Updated Fire Truck.jpg

Our color for October is Orange. Our shape is the Triangle. We are painting and stamping a lot of orange triangles! Our fruit of the Spirit is Patience, which is difficult for all of us, but we are working on it!


One of our favorite activities is riding in the Bye-Bye buggy.


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Miss Debra’s Bible Buddies Class


Toddler Oct blog photo 2.jpg

We are having a great start to our month!  In Bible Buddies we are learning about Moses.  Our fruit of the spirit is “Patience.”  We have enjoyed reading the book “Waiting is Not Easy” as the story tells of a character who is NOT patient and one who IS patient. 


In our Pre-K music classes, we are learning vocabulary like crescendo, decrescendo, piano and forte.  The kids love to sing and play their instruments to demonstrate what the meaning of the various music terms.


We are busy working on our program for Grandparent’s Day.  Look for information coming from your child’s teacher on this special day that we will celebrate in November. 


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Miss Merrissa & Miss Martha’s W/F Toddlers


The Wed/Fri Toddlers are already having lots of fun this year. The students have been working hard at sorting colors and sizes.


We have also talked about the color red, apples, and are just beginning shapes. One thing we love to do is make shapes with play dough! We are looking forward to our next theme: pumpkins!

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Miss Jennifer & Miss Cayla’s 4 Day Pre-K

We have been working on recognizing, spelling and writing our names.  We have had fun making rockets, applecanos, painting, mixing colors and making new friends.  
We have learned about letters A and B, how to hold a pencil, and how to use scissors.  We have a great group of kids and are excited to continue to learn and have fun this year!
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Miss Emily’s Spanish Class

We have had such a great start in Spanish class. We always start out with a song that’s called Hola amigos, which means Hello friends. I have signs up in my class of some Spanish words. They have learned hola and adios so far. We learn the months of the year in Spanish using a fun action song.


Oso, the bear, helps us learn our colors. In September our color of the month is rojo (red). All of our kids look forward to seeing him each week!

 Lastly we listen to a Spanish song and use rhythm sticks. It is fun to keep the beat!

 We are going to have a great year!


Miss Emily


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Miss Bev & Miss Wilma’s W/F 2’s Class


The Wednesday/Friday class is off to a great start. We are learning the names of our new friends. We have started talking about colors, shapes, letters and numbers.  One of our favorite things is riding bikes in Sontown.


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