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Miss Bev & Miss Wilma’s W/F Two Year Olds

We are learning about transportation during the first part of March in the Wednesday/Friday two year old class. We talked about things that fly and things that go in the water. Friday we welcomed a new student to our class. Everyone was excited to play with our new friend. We had fun painting boats with her. 

Next week we will talk about things that go on the land. After that we will learn about God making our world.  We have been busy practicing for our Spring program and look forward to singing for our families. 


Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | March 8, 2017

Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class

The weather has been so nice.   We were able to be outside a couple of weeks ago. They were so excited!
The beautiful spring-type weather brings a lot of wiggles, so we play pretty hard in creative movement. One game we played was the animal game. I laid out different kinds of animals around the gym. I would call out one animal at a time & then I counted to five. They would have to run to that animal.

The 4 day pre-k will be doing our freeze dance song at our spring program. They love doing this action song. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | March 8, 2017

Miss Emily’s Spanish Class


It has been so much fun learning the names of animals in Spanish. Singing animal songs is fun and a great way to practice our new words!. The students played a game with a big fish & each class named the fish.  They have been practicing  two Spanish songs  for our Fruit of the Spirit Program this Thursday.  I think they are doing an amazing job so far, and I can’t wait for you to hear them.  This week we will be starting to learn how to say body parts, like eyes (ojos,), mouth (boca), and nose (nariz). This is always a fun time of the year. The kids have learned so much. We hope to see all of you at the spring program!


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Miss Debra’s Bible Buddies Class

We learned all about Jesus and how he will make us “fishers of men!”  So of course, we had to break out the fishing poles and fish!  The kids loved this activity and I still get asked “Are we going to fish today?”.  This was also a great game to play to reinforce the last month’s fruit of the spirit, self-control.  We had to control our eyes, hands, arms and minds in order to catch our fish!



We have a lot of fun in Bible Buddies.  We love to listen to music and play!  Here our kids are shaking those bean bags to the music!  The song requires that the kids listen for instructions and then do what they hear.  It’s great to practice our listening skills!



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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s Two’s Class

We have been having so much fun this month! Our Fruit of the Spirit is Love. We have been showing Love by sharing our toys and being kind to one another.


With the help of our parents, we had a great valentine party. We enjoyed giving valentines to our friends.


We are working hard learning our songs for the Spring Program. Our Spring Program is Thursday, March 9, at 7:00 pm, in the Worship Center. Be sure to put it on your calendar!




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Miss Jennifer & Miss Cayla’s 4 Day Pre-K

zoo-mobileWe had fun learning about animals when the Zoomobile came to visit.  We had a fun week learning about the letter P.  We popped popcorn and wore pajamas to a pizza party. 


We used passing out valentines as a learning opportunity in letter recognition and had a fun time as well.



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Miss Marivic & Miss Christina’s W/F Three’s Class


Love is the Fruit of the Spirit for the month for February.  For this month our shape is a heart and our colors are pink and purple.  We did lots of art projects related to Valentine’s Day and the kids just loved them! We enjoyed our Valentine’s party and making our friends feel special by giving them valentines.  Thank you to all the parents for the yummy treats!


Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | February 16, 2017

Miss Tracy & Miss Martha’s W/F Toddler Class


Our wonderful class has been enjoying painting and shaking. We got to read the very hungry caterpillar and then got to make a caterpillar of our own. It was super cute! We also got to make rain makers. 

They got to take those home.  All of our kiddos were shaking and moving.   We really like to paint in our class.   Happy Valentine’s Day!



Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | February 11, 2017

Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class


Creative movement is going great! All the kids are always so excited to come to class. They start out running our 2 laps together. Next, they each get to stand on their own square and we do our freeze dance song. They absolutely love doing the action songs with me!
Lately the students  have had fun executing the obstacle course that consists of jumping over noodles & running in and out of cones. They got to play a game with the noodles & chase their friends, which was a blast to watch. A few other things we have done is racing with the scooters. They get on their bellies & take off on those fun scooters! We do  a color game where I call out a color and they have to run to that color. They definitely get their wiggles out in creative movement!
Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | February 11, 2017

Miss Rachael & Miss Vikki’s Pre-K


Last week we celebrated one of my favorite weeks of Pre-K – Letter P!  We started off with a Pajama Party.  Each student was able to bring their beloved stuffed animals from home and share it with the class.  We also celebrated with a pizza party.  This year cheese pizza was the favorite with twelve students choosing it while three chose pepperoni.  It’s fun to graph and see the difference.


On Thursday, we had popcorn for a snack.  We placed an air popper on the middle of a table cloth and watched the popcorn jump.  It was a yummy treat!  Our goal is to get creative and find ways for our students to recall letters.  I think this week is one of their favorites, too.


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