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Miss Emily’s Spanish Class


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! In our December Spanish classes we are learning the Spanish names of shapes and numbers.. The boys and girls will be hearing a book about the book of Jesus.  This special book tells the story in both simple English and Spanish. I will teach them how to say Bible in Spanish which is Biblia. We will be singing Jesus loves me in Spanish as well. They might sing it to you if you ask them.



Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | December 1, 2016

Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class


In creative movement, stations have been created. (scooters, soccer, practice bouncing a ball, etc.).  I have been very impressed with the students’ learning how to take turns and follow procedures! They listen for when it’s time to switch stations and then they leave their station and rotate to the next one. At first it was a little hard to leave a station, but now they are doing great. I am always telling them that everyone will get a turn to do each station, so we talk about patience. I love that when the kids come to the gym they are all smiles and ready to go and move their bodies. We will continue to have fun and keep learning together!


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Miss Martha & Miss Shantel’s T/Th Toddlers


Our kids are such a blessing. They learned and greatly displayed the attribute of patience this week.  The color orange was on display both inside and outside of our classroom and we had a blast exploring it.  Our kids explored jello, decorated cookies, painted tons and played with play dough.  They are so excited about their up-coming adventures, and so are we. 




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Miss Pam & Miss Kelly’s T/Th 3’s Class


We were so busy in November talking about being thankful and getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast. Our little hands have been painting Indian corn and coloring scarecrows.  We finished our placemats and got to use them at our Thanksgiving Feast.

our Tribe of 3 Feathers headbands and necklaces. We have woven in the number 3, the color brown, and our letters into our crafts. We worked so hard on our special presents for our grandparents. Praying God’s Blessings on your families.


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Miss Bev & Miss Wilma’s W/F Two’s Class



It’s hard to believe how quickly the month of November flew by in our two year old Wednesday/Friday class.  We have been busy.  One thing we look forward to is a visit from Shep.  He brings a bookmark to the students who have been spotted exhibiting one of the fruits of the spirit characteristics..   This month Miss Amy brought Shep to see us.


We also enjoy a chance to ride in the bye-bye buggies.   We worked on our Thanksgiving place mats and Native American headdresses for our feast. The whole class enjoyed our meal.

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Miss Rachael & Miss Vikki’s 2/3 Day Pre-K


This November we have been focusing on what it means to be thankful.  Our class was thankful for God, parents, grandparents, siblings, and toys.  Last week we celebrated with our Thanksgiving Feast and a special grandparent program.  The boys and girls sang their hearts out!

As we have focused, this month of the fruit of the spirit, Goodness, it is fun to watch the boys and girls as they display Goodness.  One of our classmates was in the hospital.  The students made special cards for him, paying close attention to every detail.  They also prayed specifically for his healing.  Their parents and grandparents also shared that the kids had been praying for him at home.  They were so excited to see him back at school this week all healed.  Our prayers were answered!  It was amazing to see their love and compassion for their friend.  I loved watching them apply what they had learned about goodness.


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Miss Debra’s Bible Buddies Class

The Toddler class sure loves to sing The B-I-B-L-E song – the best part is raising their fist in the air and yelling BIBLE at the end!
We do a LOT of finger plays in Bible Buddies to work on fine motor skills.  Here you can see one of the Threes classes enjoying one of the finger plays where we varied the speed of different motions.  They loved it when we went FAST.
In Music with our Pre-K classes, we are learning what a staff is and about quarter notes and quarter rests.  Many of our Pre-K students could correctly match the rhythm I clapped to the rhythms I had written on the board.  I was impressed!  We are also learning that when we read music, just like when we read words, we start with the left (or fish) side and move toward the right (or frog) side.  They are doing great!
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Miss Jennifer & Miss Cayla

firetruck pic.jpg

We had great fun learning about fire safety.  The firefighters were great.


We have had fun with pumpkins, scraping out the insides, blowing bubbles in them and going on a fun trip to the pumpkin patch.  We are learning how to spell our first and last names and writing our first names correctly.  We have been learning how to write letters and the sounds they make.


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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/Th 2’s Class

November is the month that we express our thanks for many things. We are especially thankful for our families. We have done several art projects about family. The children really enjoyed being able to share a picture of their family in an art project.
Our Fruit of the Spirit for November is Goodness. The entire class shows the spirit of Goodness. We really do have a good class! We are so thankful for each one of the boys and girls.
Our Color for November is brown, and our shape is the square. The children enjoy painting fall pictures with brown paint.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving!
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Miss Marivic & Miss Pam’s W/F 3’s Class

October has been a fun month for us. We learned that during the fall season leaves turn into beautiful colors. We made paper cutouts in the shape of leaves and then used shaving cream and finger paints to make them orange, yellow, and red. We also made jack-o-lanterns using construction paper. Last week we had our fall party. We picked out our pumpkins and our friends brought candy and treats.
This month we are busy making gifts for our Grandparent’s Day and making placemats to use at our Thanksgiving feast.

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