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Miss Emily’s Creative Movement Class


In creative movement we are running, jumping, crawling & much more! We are playing games that help them get the exercise they need. One of our favorite activities is jumping in and out of hula hoops.


Moving and grooving to fun songs is another great way to get exercise!


I am very excited to be teaching this class this year and am looking so forward to getting to spend time with your kids throughout this year!

Miss Emily

Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | September 21, 2016

Miss Angie & Miss Marivic T/Th 3’s Class

It has been a busy start to school in Mrs. Angie’s and Mrs. Marivic’s classroom. We are learning about the color red and the circle shape. Look at the beautiful picture by one of our girls-she combines both in her painting.


The entire class models their special “N” noodle necklaces during a playing break at Sontown.


Each kid has been sharing how they are demonstrating our Fruit of Spirit, kindness. We are positive they are treating those siblings with extra kindness as they have told us. They are so eager to learn new things!

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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/Th Twos Class


Our Tuesday/Thursday 2 year-old class got off to a great start! We have a wonderful class. They are having fun getting to know one another. It is fun to make new friends.



During September our color for the month is red and our shape is the circle. So you will see a lot of red circles coming home. The fruit of the spirit is kindness. They are all trying very hard to be kind to one another.


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Miss Debra’s Bible Buddies Class

Welcome to Bible Buddies!  Our kids this week had a blast dancing and singing to “Jesus Loves Me”.  Some classes sang it three times in a row because it was so popular!


Our lesson this week was about Noah, and how he trusted God and obeyed what God told him to do.  The flannel graph was a very popular activity.  As you can see by the floating flowers, we like a touch of the surreal when we do our flannel graph art!




Our Fruit of the Month is kindness.  We explored this theme by reading the book “Oh No” in the Twos class.  They really enjoy the rhythm and repetition in this book and getting a chance to shout “OH NO!” at the right time.


Miss Debra

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Miss Marivic & Miss Pam’s W/F Threes Class

Our Wednesday/Friday class got off to a fantastic start last week! Everyone is really excited for the new school year. We have seven wonderful boys and seven wonderful girls!  We practiced deep breathing for when we need to relax, like when we are sad or mad or even stressed.



Our Fruit of the Spirit for September is Kindness, so we will be going out of our way to be especially kind to one another this whole month. The color of the month is red and the shape of the month is a circle, which means many of our activities will involve both. Currently we are learning the creation story. It should be a lot of fun! We are looking forward to a great year!

Miss Marivic and Ms. Pam



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Miss G’s Bible Buddies

Our May fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness.  We have been singing the song “Without Faith It’s Impossible”.  Faithfulness means being trustworthy and true.  You can count on God?  Can God count on You?
As we enter the end of the school year, the pre-k will be reviewing all about music to get ready for kindergarten.  We can recognize quarter notes and rests and speak rhythms.  We have played and sang scales.  We can recognize many of the instruments in the orchestra family.  We know about high, low, fast, slow, loud and soft sounds.  Good luck next year!
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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/Th Class

Our school year is almost over. It has been a joy having your child in our class. We honored our mothers with a special tea. The children performed a song and poem for their mothers. Each child presented his/her mother with a gift and a card.


To celebrate the end of the school year, we had a Fun Day on Tuesday of this week. Each child brought a favorite riding toy. We played outside and had a picnic.
Thank you for the privilege of having your child in our class, and have a great summer!
“Miss” Bev and “Miss” Wilma
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Miss Jacki & Miss Rachael’s T/Th Pre-K

We had a lovely Mother’s Day Tea on May 5th. The kids did such a good job with their recipe books, cards, pledges and songs. We were very proud of them and the moms did great dancing and singing with us!
We had to get one more picture of the class on the big slides waving goodbye. What a whirlwind year this has been! I told Miss Rachael today that it seems like we were just getting ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Next week on Tuesday, May 17th, it will be field day and then on Thursday, May 19th at 7:00, it will be time for out Pre-K graduation.
We have really enjoyed having your children in our class this year. They are a great group of kids. I know they are looking forward to going to Kindergarten in the fall. 
Have a wonderful summer!
Miss Jacki and Miss Rachael
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Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s Two’s Class

April has been such a busy month. We have had fun learning about the world that God made for us to enjoy. We have been painting rainbows and butterflies. It is fun to use all the pretty colors. We have also glued blue ovals, which is our color and shape for April.
The Fruit of the Spirit for April is Joy. The children have so much joy when they are together.
We have had some special visitors. The Raytown paramedics came and helped us how to take care of our stuffed animals and dolls. We are looking forward to honoring our mothers with our Mothers’ Day Tea in May.
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Miss Emily’s Spanish Class


We have been learning a few new things this April. Numbers is something we have continued to work on every week. Most classes can count to 10 on their own & I help them count to twenty.  When I ask  them what números  means, most of them should be able to tell you.
We also have been singing the song head shoulders knees & toes in Spanish. They absolutely love this song because it gets faster & faster. It is so much FUN!

One of the last things we are doing this year is learning how to say our family members. For example: papa- father, mama- mother, hermanó-brother, hermana-sister etc.

I have enjoyed hearing the special things about their families. We have talked about how important it is to be a blessing to our family members. Your children are such a blessing to me. I am very proud of all of them.

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