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Miss G’s Bible Buddies

Our May fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness.  We have been singing the song “Without Faith It’s Impossible”.  Faithfulness means being trustworthy and true.  You can count on God?  Can God count on You?
As we enter the end of the school year, the pre-k will be reviewing all about music to get ready for kindergarten.  We can recognize quarter notes and rests and speak rhythms.  We have played and sang scales.  We can recognize many of the instruments in the orchestra family.  We know about high, low, fast, slow, loud and soft sounds.  Good luck next year!
Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | May 11, 2016

Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s T/Th Class

Our school year is almost over. It has been a joy having your child in our class. We honored our mothers with a special tea. The children performed a song and poem for their mothers. Each child presented his/her mother with a gift and a card.


To celebrate the end of the school year, we had a Fun Day on Tuesday of this week. Each child brought a favorite riding toy. We played outside and had a picnic.
Thank you for the privilege of having your child in our class, and have a great summer!
“Miss” Bev and “Miss” Wilma
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Miss Jacki & Miss Rachael’s T/Th Pre-K

We had a lovely Mother’s Day Tea on May 5th. The kids did such a good job with their recipe books, cards, pledges and songs. We were very proud of them and the moms did great dancing and singing with us!
We had to get one more picture of the class on the big slides waving goodbye. What a whirlwind year this has been! I told Miss Rachael today that it seems like we were just getting ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch. Next week on Tuesday, May 17th, it will be field day and then on Thursday, May 19th at 7:00, it will be time for out Pre-K graduation.
We have really enjoyed having your children in our class this year. They are a great group of kids. I know they are looking forward to going to Kindergarten in the fall. 
Have a wonderful summer!
Miss Jacki and Miss Rachael
Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | April 28, 2016

Miss Wilma & Miss Bev’s Two’s Class

April has been such a busy month. We have had fun learning about the world that God made for us to enjoy. We have been painting rainbows and butterflies. It is fun to use all the pretty colors. We have also glued blue ovals, which is our color and shape for April.
The Fruit of the Spirit for April is Joy. The children have so much joy when they are together.
We have had some special visitors. The Raytown paramedics came and helped us how to take care of our stuffed animals and dolls. We are looking forward to honoring our mothers with our Mothers’ Day Tea in May.
Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | April 28, 2016

Miss Emily’s Spanish Class


We have been learning a few new things this April. Numbers is something we have continued to work on every week. Most classes can count to 10 on their own & I help them count to twenty.  When I ask  them what números  means, most of them should be able to tell you.
We also have been singing the song head shoulders knees & toes in Spanish. They absolutely love this song because it gets faster & faster. It is so much FUN!

One of the last things we are doing this year is learning how to say our family members. For example: papa- father, mama- mother, hermanó-brother, hermana-sister etc.

I have enjoyed hearing the special things about their families. We have talked about how important it is to be a blessing to our family members. Your children are such a blessing to me. I am very proud of all of them.

Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | April 28, 2016

Miss Joyce & Miss Paula’s 3 Day Pre-K

April has been a busy month for us as we have worked hard to finish up the last of our letters and their sounds.  Now we will continue to practice them each day to keep our skills sharp.  We learned about dinosaurs and found out which were plant eaters and which were meat eaters.  Also we practiced some self-control as we roared like a dinosaur with both our school room voices and our outside voices!
We worked hard to create a new bulletin board with lots of pretty spring colors to show off some of our fine motor skills.  For our farm unit we had lots of fun making our own butter and spreading it on crackers. Delicious! We also loved talking about our favorite zoo animals.
We have had two special visitors this month. Granny Oop’s shared her baby chicks and some magic tricks. The Raytown Emergency Unit did a Teddy Care Clinic for us and let each of us bandage our own special stuffed animal. 
Also a big treat for us was Miss Amy bringing in her Violin and letting each of us have a turn at playing it.  Mum is the word as we keep a secret about our Mother’s Day gift and card.  We want to have a big surprise for our special Moms.
It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of another wonderful school year as we look forward to some special activities in May.
3-day pre-k
Miss  Joyce and Miss Paula
Posted by: Big Smiles @ Little Learners | April 21, 2016

Miss Pam & Miss Martha’s W/F Three’s Class

We had fun coloring our butterflies, and going over them with water colors.  The crayon resisted the watercolors. We have caterpillars in our classroom. They are getting ready to make their cocoons, and we will try to wait patiently until they turn into butterflies. We colored coffee filters with markers, then sprayed them with water, and watched how all the colors ran together to make beautiful patterns. Looking ahead we will be coloring and cutting out our kites, finishing up with our Zebra puppet, and making a giraffe handprint. Our hands have been busy creating our Mother’s Day presents. What fun it will be to surprise our moms at their special tea.
We are so joyful, because we learned  “The joy of the Lord is our strength” Nehemiah 8:10. God Bless you all and your families.
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Miss Rachael & Miss Vikki’s Class

april blog
As we wind down the school year, our class has been reviewing the letters of the alphabet. We’ve had them match upper and lowercase letters on Easter eggs, flashcards, and in our morning manipulatives. One of their favorite review games is Alphabet Bingo.
We’ve also focused on literacy. We made our very own classroom book of Pete the Cat. We emphasized the importance of the author and illustrator. They were so excited to be both roles.  They were able to choose their favorite color of shoes and what item made them that color. The wrote the words as well as colored a picture explaining their words. Their love for books, especially Pete the Cat, has grown tremendously over the school year.
They have worked really hard to be ready for kindergarten. Miss Vikki and I are so proud!
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Miss Tracy’s Creative Movement Class

April blog
We have been enjoying the outdoors as often as we can. Last week we got to play baseball with pool noodles and inflatable balls. The students enjoyed swinging and aiming. It also gave them a chance to toss to one another. We got our sidewalk chalk out and traced around each other. Then they were able to decorate themselves.
april blog3
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Miss Marivic & Miss Martha’s Toddler Class

We were so busy last month, and we are glad to be back after a long break. Hope you enjoyed our spring program! We made two art projects that were displayed for the spring program. We made rainbow collages from crumpled tissue paper and soap bubble art. Scooping dyed rice, mixing food coloring in milk, and moving blue-dyed water using a syringe were our favorite activities. We had our Easter party and enjoyed making Easter egg stamps using a potato!   Miss Marivic & Miss Martha

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